A doctor conducting surgery on a patient.General surgery continues to evolve as a very sophisticated means of improving patient outcomes. Cadence has been the supplier of choice for incision components used in general surgery for many years. Our breadth of experience in this market allows us to work closely with medical device OEMs in a way that fully enables innovative and highly specialized solutions for general surgery.

Cadence designs, develops, manufactures and assembles numerous cutting and piercing components and assemblies used in the following areas:

  • Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
    • Breast Augmentation and Reduction
    • Eyelid and Facelift Procedures
    • Hair Transplant/Restoration
    • Liposuction Procedures
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  • Urology
    • Nephrectomy
    • Prostatic Procedures
    • Kidney Stone and Obstruction Removal
  • Neurology
    • Brain tumors
    • Epilepsy
    • Spine and neck
    • Movement disorders
    • Pain management
  • Gynecology/Obstetrics
    • Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy
    • Endometrial Ablation
    • Minimally Invasive Myomectomy or other Tumor Removal
    • Tubal Ligation & Cesarean Section
  • Other
    • Mastectomy
    • Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)
    • Sinus
    • Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy
    • Splenectomy

These cardiovascular procedures demand components with the highest precision and reliability. These products are often manufactured from the most specialized metals, such as Nitinol. Our customers come to us looking for the knowledge base we have surrounding incision technology and find our “Center of Excellence” for incision applications to be compelling and a cornerstone of future partnerships.

Surgical Instruments - When it comes to medical tools, it's important that they're made only of the highest quality materials and manufactured with extreme precision. That's why Cadence prides itself on being a specialist that develops and manufactures medical incision products and surgical instruments. By focusing on surgical incision, Cadence is able to produce a superior product.

Unlike some other incision specialists, however, Cadence is diversified enough to produce multiple surgical instruments including knives, blades, scalpels, trocars, scissors, punches and other varied surgical tools. Cadence's expertise is not limited to flat cutting blades--their patented sharpening techniques can be used for pointed and other shaped surgical instruments, as well.

Surgical Instruments in the Field - The surgical instruments manufactured at Cadence are as varied as the fields they're used in. For instance, ophthalmic procedures demand scalpels and surgical scissors, but also require specialized surgical instruments like medical razor blades for precision cutting. Recently, Cadence worked with a client to custom design and produce medical razor blades specifically for ophthalmic surgery. The result was a razor blade that met client specifications and performed far better than the modified razor blades the company had been using previously.

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